Bar Storage Solutions

FMG Bar Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are crucial elements of modern industrial production in order to compete successfully at the market. FMG bar storage solutions are customized overall solutions and lead to efficient and optimised production processes in the whole range of metal trading and metal processing companies.

The installation of a storage solution is the ideal occasion to analyse and optimise the entire production process, considering aspects such as space management, material flow and storage techniques. Bar storage solutions lead to key benefits in the metal processing industry, that is higher efficiency, integration, quality, safety and flexibility in the production.

Our experience enables us to provide top-quality and customized overall solutions. All the components and services are produced and provided by FMG.

FMG bar storage solutions FMG bar storage solutions - Warehouse management and control system

FMG bar storage solutions

Fully automated FMG bar storage solution
3 input / output stations on 2 production levels
Storage capacity: 120 cassettes
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