PRM Stations

FMG Pallet Return Mechanism (PRM) Stations

The patented Pallet Return Mechanism (PRM) enables an efficient de-palletizing of stock directly in a high-rise rack warehousing facility while guaranteeing the occupational health and safety (OH&S) of the warehouse personal.

The PRM mechanism decreases the time required for de-palletizing and leads to an increased pick-face efficiency and an optimized pallet flow. Time and effort by order pickers in removing empty pallets in busy packing aisles is avoided. PRM stations lead therefore to high cost and time reductions in logistics and distribution centers.

A significant number of injuries to personal in warehouses occur due to manually handling empty pallets. The PRM station is designed to eliminate the need to manually handle empty pallets, thus removing a source of injuries to the occupational health and safety of the warehouse personal.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding PRM stations.

Efficient and safe handling
of empty pallets
Paletten-Rückführungs-Mechanismus (PRM) Station
Technical data of the
standard version
Type: Pallet Return Mechanism (PRM)
Types of pallets:
- US-Pallets
- Euro-Pallets
Operation: Manual
Size of storage goods
1170 x 1170 x 2100 mm (US pallets)
Dimensions of mechanism (LxBxH): 2920 x 1330 x 798 mm (US pallets)
Working load per pallet: 1300 kg (US pallets)
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