Storage Solutions

Industrial markets are characterized by accelerating dynamics and technological innovation. Efficient production processes that minimize production costs are a prerequisite for staying competitive and successful at the market. FMG storage solutions are customer-specific overall solutions that lead to efficient and optimised production processes.
FMG Sheet Metal Storage Solutions

Sheet Metal Storage Solutions

Solutions for the whole range of companies in the sheet metal processing industry: FMG Compact Tower and FMG Large Towers.
FMG Bar Storage Solutions

Bar Storage Solutions

Storage solutions for the whole variety of metal trading and metal processing companies.
FMG Wood Storage Solutions

Wood Storage Solutions

Storage solutions for the entire range of wood processing companies.
FMG Special Goods Storage Solutions

Special Goods Storage Solutions

Storage of special goods in industrial production of various industries.
FMG Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Flexibly extendible and adaptable system for warehouse management and storage facility control.