Warehouse Management System

FMG Warehouse Management System

FMG storage solutions are customized overall solutions, including warehouse management and control system. FMG provides the entire range of storage systems and services, from the FMG Compact Tower system with SPS control to the comprehensive FMG Large Towers solution with warehouse management system and integration to the IT system of the customer.

The efficient warehouse management software runs on a computer and is controlled by operator panels, touch-screen terminals and office PCs. The warehouse management software is flexibly extendible and cost-efficiently adaptable to customer needs and requirements.

Based on extensive and manifold project experience, FMG offers also industrial automation of existing storage systems and the installation of a customized warehouse management system.

FMG warehouse management system
Warehouse management and control system
FMG warehouse management system - Visualization of the storage system
Visualization of the storage system in the warehouse management system
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